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London – Probably a little different from Indiana

Hi, I’m Tyler and I will be one of IFSA’s LGBTQ correspondents during the spring semester of 2015 while I am studying at University College London. I depart for London this evening, and I am extremely excited to be living and studying in London this semester! My only anxieties involve getting settled in and registered for classes.

Although I have experienced Europe during a previous three week trip to Ireland, this will be my first time in England. I am a junior at Wabash College, a small liberal arts college in Indiana. Having grown up and attended college in small Midwestern towns, London will be quite a culture shock. However, I am fairly certain it will be a positive shock, as I have always longed to live in a large city.

With London being so metropolitan and culturally diverse, I fully expect it to be a place where I can fully and comfortably express, explore, and further understand my sexual orientation. Although I do not feel oppressed in my sexuality at Wabash, I hope to find London to be a freeing and exciting place to be gay!

It’s hard to believe that I will be in London, my home for the next five months, in just twelve hours. I simply can’t wait to be immersed in British culture and experience the diversity, history, and energy of London!


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