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The Return

I’ve officially been in the United States for two days now, and all I can say is MAJOR CULTURE SHOCK! After being in Mexico for nearly 7 months, I had gotten used to speaking only Spanish, scrambling for Wifi, and wearing warm weather clothing. I arrived with two suitcases on Saturday, neither of which contained a winter coat that is essential for this Chicago weather. My belongings are still in storage and won’t be arriving until later this week, but luckily I have friends who have let me borrow a coat, a pillow, and blankets so I won’t freeze during the night.

Once I arrived, I checked in with my parents and my family members in Mexico to let them know I was safe and sound. A friend picked me up at Chicago Midway and I stayed at her house on Saturday. On Sunday, we both came back and got settled at school.

I was in contact with my host family over the holidays. I miss my host mom, my host siblings, and my blood relatives whom I stayed with over winter break. The hardest goodbye was with my grandmother who always gets very emotional when I leave.

I only had one class today, but it was awfully strange hearing the professor give lecture in English. I’m sure I’ll get used to it by tomorrow, but I had enjoyed being able to communicate with my professors in Mexico with my native tongue.

If anything, this trip gave me more reasons to move to Mexico upon graduation. The main reason stems from being close to family. I have a large family, but very few of them live in Nebraska or the rest of the United States. I rarely see my family members who live in California. I think I’ve always wanted to feel close and integrated to the rest of my family, but living in the US has made that challenging. There’s nothing like living in the same town and being able to walk up the street and have a two hour conversation with my uncle at his food stand. I’ve become more thankful for my aunt who I stayed with during the time I was in Mexico State. She is a very generous and loving woman, and I owe her so much for always opening up the doors of her home to me.

I was asked “When will you be back?” many times before leaving, and it was a hard question to answer. The sad part is, I don’t really know. If it were for me, I would be there once school ended in June, but I’m looking to have an internship somewhere in the US this summer since I spent last summer volunteering in Mexico. If this goes as planned, I might have to wait until my internship is over in August or September. If not, it might be until next winter break. The only thing of which I’m certain is that each day is a day closer to moving to Mexico. But for that, I need to have some experience in the area in which I am hoping to find a job. For that reason, I need to make sure I land an internship. It’s more than a new year’s resolution; it is a step for the advancement in my career.

I’m blessed that I had the opportunity to travel to and around Mexico. It happened at the right time in my life-right when I needed affirmation and support from my family. I will be back soon. Of that, estoy segura. 


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