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Tips (part 5) Getting more out of Study Abroad

Here is a list of random tips I didn’t really know how to categorize, but it’s generally how to frame your study abroad attitude to get the most out of your experience!

  • Keep a journal (or blog!) of some sort, it’s fun to see how you change before, after and during the experience.
  • Take some time to think about generally what you want out of study abroad, is it academics, traveling, reflection, taking a break, or other. This will help you frame your goals, and serve as a starting point and guide you in your decisions about what to do. But of course don’t let it constrain you, since some of the best things come unexpectedly.
  • Recognize that there will be low points in studying abroad. Whether it’s when things don’t meet your expectations, difficulties socializing, adapting to the culture, etc. I’m sure its different for everyone, but know that they are common experiences.
  • Trust that discomfort (well, of course be safe) will lead to productive gains. Go talk to random people, go somewhere new… I promise you’ll gain something or at least learn what not to do.
  • Pack light, and keep in mind that you’re probably going to bring buy more stuff. Make sure you’re not only going to use everything you’re bringing but also use it several times.
  • Take photos when you travel, but also take a minute to see the scene.
  • It might not be your style, but try traveling alone for one trip. You get time to yourself, to see what you want, and you’re also placed in a great position to meet other travelers.

I think this is the last of my “tips” posts, I hope something in the series was helpful!


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