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Reflecting on Cuba

Just over a month ago, my semester in Cuba ended. As I’m sitting here awaiting a blizzard in Boston, I just wanted to sum up my experience in Cuba.

I was able to complete almost everything on the list I made in the beginning. The two things I unfortunately didn’t get to do were visiting Hemingway’s Cuban home and seeing a bee hummingbird, which one Cuban described to me as an occurrence so rare that you still probably wouldn’t see it even with an expert at the most ideal place and time. Fortunately, however, I was able to see many of Hemingway’s favorite spots and hummingbirds roaming around the neighborhood, which Cubans affectionately call zunzúns like “zoom-zooms.”

Of all the things on my list, I most enjoyed our trips to Viñales and Trinidad. Of the many things that weren’t on my list, I most enjoyed visiting the publishing house Ediciones Vigía in Matanzas and my trip to Santiago and Baracoa. Overall, however, I most enjoyed spending time with the family that ran my house and the other students.

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to visit Cuba and I will update my blog with a few remaining pictures.


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