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My Study Abroad Bulletin

Here it is, my first post on this blog.   I have been talking about writing this post for over a month, but somehow I am here writing it as I wait for my flight.  Even now as I sit here in my hiking boots typing this post, going abroad doesn’t seem “real” yet.  Studying abroad for Spanish is one of my life goals, and now it is almost here, as in a few hours away.  Enough reflection though, let’s get to the logistics!

For packing I brought a personal item (backpack) and a small checked bag.  My checked bag weighed in at 38.6 pounds.  I will include a packing list and what I wish I would have packed different towards the end of the experience, right now my guess of what to pack is as good as yours!

While planning what to write for my first post I thought of what I would like to read, and also something I can come back to at the end of the trip to reflect on my expectations.  With this idea I decided to come up with a “bucket list” of sorts.  But since this is not necessarily a “before I die list” let’s call it my “Study Abroad Bulletin”.

  • Take a selfie with a sloth
  • Learn to make Gallo Pinto
  • Take at least 10 photos every week (very hard for me to do)
  • Learn a traditional Costa Rican dance
  • Help save some sea turtles
  • Absorb as much Spanish as possible
  • Keep up with posting on this blog

Well, that is really all I have for you for now.  Stay classy!



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