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The First Days in Cuba!

After waking up at 3 a.m. and sitting in the Miami airport for an extra hour, we all finally arrived in Havana. The airport was super small and it took forever for us to get our luggage, but as soon as we passed through immigration to begin our time abroad. Soon we met our resident director, Michelle, to take us to our residence in Vedado.

Getting settled in took no time at all, and even though we were exhausted from the flight, we couldn’t wait to see the city. Words cannot do justice to how incredible the architecture is here. Everything is so colorful, and even the building in disrepair make this one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, especially our apartment. It is truly a city stuck in time. The classic Chevrolets serve as “maquinas,” which are taxis for Cubans that are different from the tourist cab system.

As we returned to our apartment for the day we met some other students of other programs in our residence for dinner, and the food in amazing. Afterward we decided to walk around our neighborhood to check out the surrounding restaurants and clubs. Finally we made our way down to the Malecon before returning home, and the waves from the ocean crashed up over the seawall extremely high in the air. Although the day was long and exhausting, this day will be a memory that I’ll retain for the rest of my life.



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