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And so it ends here..

As February begins I’m finally writing my last post of my study abroad experience.

I’ve only recently gotten over my jetlag, but it seems so long ago that I was a student at St. Andrews, and at times I wonder if I really did backpack around Europe. Coming back to Amherst has been a mix of good and bad. I’ve really loved seeing old friends and having a familiar place to be in; and as an upperclassman I feel like I now have some ownership on the campus, and a confidence that comes from being older and having been abroad now. But since I came back so close to the beginning of classes I feel as if I’ve been thrown into the high stress, academic world with an endless list of things to do at any given time.

There’s also a strong, nagging feeling that I don’t want to forget that time of my life and reduce it to a small part of my memory and history.  When my friends ask me how my study abroad experience was, I find myself struggling to find the adequate words to summarize my experience. However, I’m learning I find solace in the realization that these experiences are a part of me now, in the way I think about my life, make decisions, or interact with others. And just when I think I’m forgetting everything I get a Skype call from one of my flatmates in St. Andrews excitedly telling me about the latest gossip in her life. Or I look at the wall of post cards I’ve pinned up in my room tracking my journey from Scotland to Spain. And in the mornings I try to take a moment to sit in my room and sip on a cup of Scottish tea before starting my hectic day. So the abroad experience is still living, just in more subtle ways. Even writing this post now gives me the space to remember and miss all the wonderful moments, people, and places I’ve encountered.

And thus this concludes my experience abroad, thank you for taking interest and reading!



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