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The Packing Chronicles: Crunch Time

Hey guys!

I’m sitting in my bedroom surrounded by piles of clothes & shoes & accessories trying to figure out how I’m going to pack it all for my semester abroad. I leave cold, snowy New York in just 6 more days for warm, sunny Brisbane, Australia! The question that I’ve been asking myself for the past couple weeks: How can you possibly pack for 5 months away from home in just two suitcases?! If you know me…you know that I like to have options and extras and basically would find it most convenient to just transport my closet with me everywhere I go. BUT, I don’t have that option so it’s time to start getting creative.

img_9827 And so it begins…

I’ve put off packing for quite a while because it didn’t actually seem real that I’m for real getting on a plane and flying across the entire world for almost half a year. But now it’s crunch time!! I leave my small town of Horseheads bright & early this coming Saturday morning for New York City! I’ll be spending the day there before making my way to JFK International Airport on Sunday the 8th…AKA leaving day!!

One good thing about packing for Australia is that while it’s currently winter here in the states, it’s very hot summertime over there! Which means that while I’m running around trying to pick out the best and most practical clothing to take with me around the world, summer clothes don’t take up tons of room! I’m so excited to be running around in the heat in shorts & tank tops on the beach while chasing kangaroos…at least that’s what I see when I picture Australia in my head hahaha.

kangaroo Mr. Kangaroo & I are going to be fast friends


There’s no specific scientific equation for exactly what to pack when going abroad for an extremely long time. It’s probably more of a trial & error thing….me trying to fit as much stuff into my bags as possible while keeping in mind the airline weight limit & then ultimately having to leave some things behind at home. Props to my host airline, Quantas, for making it incredible easy to understand all of the dimensions & weights for acceptable luggage & items (even though it’s all in metric units…of course the US is the ONLY country that uses the customary system so I’ll soon have to learn to use kg & cm instead of lbs & in.)

The struggle of packing, unpacking, and repacking will probably continue until the minute I leave my house to head for the city because I am incredibly indecisive but shout out to my awesome Dad (you da bomb) for being the packing’s a talent…& helping me to fit everything I want to bring with me. Thank you to everyone who helped me get this far already & I’ll check back in at the airport before I head down under! xxxx!


Almost Aussie


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