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Tom Takes the Tube: A Short Stay in London

*Written in London Heathrow Airport, edited in my hotel room in Sharjah*

For my first transatlantic flight, I can easily say it will only get more difficult. Both flights I had multiple seats to myself which made sleeping on the plane possible. My biggest fear before arriving in London was taking The Underground by myself with my luggage. After receiving directions and my Oyster Card, it could not have gone smoother!

London was an absolute blast! having the opportunity to experience with one of my best friends made it that much more enjoyable. We had the opportunity to complete many of the “London/Life Bucket List” items that we had hoped to achieve when we were in high school. In only 3 short days we were able to see everything from Brick Lane to Jersey Boys and Hyde Park to the London club scene.

London was also full of first experiences. Here are a few!

  • Having Lebanese Food– which is delicious
  • Watching ‘Football’ at a pub
  • calling my room a ‘Flat”
  • Utilizing public transportation
  • Using a wet closet
  • having my new passport stamped
  • living in a hostel– which was an amazing experience

All in all, London was a great experience before leaving for Sharjah and the UAE. and if there was any lessons I learned was that wandering can lead to great experiences, it’s great to share adventures with friends and when in a hostel go out of your way to meet new people, you never what it may lead to! (Hopefully this wasn’t a once in a lifetime happening and I’m not leading you astray.)

I will have a blog post after my orientation with IFSA-Butler and my first impressions of my home for the next 5 months!

And, Hey! This time I added pictures!!



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