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Is everyone here gay???

…Of course not, but to me, most of the men here in London look gay. Now I realize that one’s sexual orientation cannot be determined at first glance or when passing them on the street, but most young guys here are very fashionable and thin. Growing up in the cornfields of the Midwest, I’ve subconsciously fallen under the misconception that good style, tight fitting clothes, and a slim build usually means a guy is gay. However, in London almost all young guys sport skinny jeans and a great hairstyle. It makes it much less obvious who is gay and who is straight.

So far, my instinct has been correct in that London seems to be more open and accepting to gays. However, it has been hard for me to break my old habit of trying to act straight. I definitely noticed this earlier this month when I was spending most of my time with other American students during IFSA orientation. For so many years, I was trying to suppress my sexuality or living under the assumption that I’ll be more accepted or liked if I hide my sexuality. It’s almost like it’s a weakness I am trying to protect. I am comfortable with being gay, and I am sure London is a safe place to be gay, but in moments of tension or stress, such as being in a foreign place and meeting new people, I tend to subconsciously subvert to my old closeted self. In time I am sure this pattern of will wear off, and I will be more forward about my sexuality.


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