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Ode to St. Paul’s: A Virtual Walking Tour

I promised when I began this blog to put photos and videos. As any of my few readers know, I have been seriously lacking in any visual material, so prepare for a sensory overload. Below, I have put some of my favorite photos that I have taken over the past month with some small commentary. Please, enjoy:

St. Paul's w/boats Every day begins with a view of St. Paul’s as I walk across the bridge to the Strand campus. I am absolutely drawn to this building, not only for it’s iconic dome, but also for the sheer beauty. (As for why this picture is so large compared to the others, I have no idea.)

Royal Courts The walk to the Maughan Library is always a treat as I get to the pass the Royal Courts of Justice. The constant presence of clocks everywhere baffles me, but serve as a lovely cue of not only the time, but the city’s prestige and the legacy. If you look closely, you can see a little bit of St. Paul’s peeking through. View from Maughan The clocktower of the Maughan library is absolutely my favorite spot. While there are no study places for me to use, I always take a trip up to the top to take in and enjoy the view of the rooftops. St. Paul's walking This is admittedly the closest I have gotten to St. Paul’s itself. I am saving a visit for a truly perfect day. What that entails exactly, I have no clue. I am sure that it will involve some form of rain. Tea Time I admit, tea is still not my drink of choice, but clotted cream is definitely my new favorite condiment. I slather all my sweet bread products with it. Moody buildings This was taken at the Museum of London. I absolutely love how this city is always a mix of old and new architecture. A bit of Old and new I rest my case. Tower Bridge Tower Bridge and the Tower of London are such historical giants.  I am greatly disappointed that I missed the ceramic poppies! St. paul's with x's This was taken from one side of the Bridge. The x’s are actually shadows from the structure itself.   St. Paul's rainy And again, there’s my lovely St. Paul’s with an equally lovely pane of English rain.





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