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Week Uno in St. Andrews

After a week in St. Andrews, I’m relieved to learn that all of the Scots I’ve met aren’t mad at me. It turns out that in Scotland, “pissed” means drunk and not angry! Whew, what a relief, everyone is so pissed all of the time and I had no idea what was up.

On a different note, the small town of St. Andrews, Scotland is an absolutely incredible place. The “city” is rich with history, most of it extremely violent, and other remarkable places. There’s St. Andrews Cathedral, St. Andrews castle, and a barbershop that serves free whiskey with your haircut; I’m starting to think that I might be keeping my hair a bit shorter while I’m here. It’s bizarre and awe-inspiring to realize that when the University of St. Andrews was established (1413), most of the world had no clue that the Americas even existed, it wasn’t until ’92 that Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Yet, despite all of the history and quaintness, some things still feel like home. It may be the fact that my professors are still hard to understand, or possibly the smell of fresh Subway bread on the corner, but I’m pretty sure it has to be the herds of girls on the streets arguing over which member of One Direction has the cutest sneeze.

I’ve mentioned repeatedly how small this town is and somehow I still managed to get lost. I was on my way home from Tescos, the local supermarket that is pathetically only about a half mile away from my dorm, when I realized that I had no clue where I was going. I had just completed my first ever grocery run and I had yet to get my wits about me after that stressful experience, who knew there were 100 different kinds of spaghetti? As I failed to swallow my pride and ask for directions, I wandered hopelessly about and my groceries became heavier and heavier. I began to regret my last minute decision to add a 2 liter bottle of cider and a 12 pack of adult beverages to my grocery list. I hit rock-bottom when I found myself marooned in a traffic circle for what seemed like eons. Cars were coming from every possible direction, left, right, behind me, up, down, it was mayhem! I found myself in an intense game of frogger with heavy bags and only one life. After a while, I finally mustered up the courage to cross and stood on the edge of the circle. As I prepared to bolt across the road, a truck whizzed by and squirted a horrific combination of water, oil, and trash all over me and my groceries. It was like that classic scene from the movies right after the guy gets dumped. I finally made it home, but was certainly a changed man.

Aside from that demoralizing adventure, Scotland has been glorious! I know that I will have many great stories to share as the weeks pass by. It’s bittersweet that I am so busy because I would love to update this blog everyday, but most of my free time is occupied by standing in the middle of traffic circles and talking to my mama. I will do my best to make it routine to post once every Sunday, so feel free to check this blog out then! The Chargers aren’t in the Superbowl so I know you all have nothing better to be doing tonight.

As a parting gift, I will leave you with a video of my brief experience in the North Sea.
Check that, YouTube isn’t cooperating so I’ll just leave you with a few fabulous photos instead. Video will come soon!


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