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Brisbane Bound

Welcome back guys!!

I’m writing this post as I sit in the JFK airport as I wait patiently at my gate to board my first flight. I’ll be flying to LAX first, and then later to my final destination of Brisbane, Australia. Even though I am about to leave in just 2 more hours, it still hasn’t fully hit me yet that I’ll be sitting on an airplane for 15 hours across the Pacific Ocean once I depart from LAX. I’m really excited to finally be there and to start my adventure for real, but I’m also a bit nervous about the flights and getting adjusted to the many differences there. I’ve never flown overseas before or even been on a plane longer than about 6.5 hours so I’m not exactly sure what to expect!! I’m hoping to sleep {a lot}, watch movies, & eat(if you know me well this is one of my favorite things to do). Also…I don’t even arrive until TUESDAY. Because of the time differences I’ll spend “Monday” in the air and it will automatically be the next day once I land. I don’t really understand timezones but that seems pretty trippy to me.


One advantage that I do have & that I’m extremely thankful for is having an amazing friend who has lived in Brisbane all her life to help me out & show me around the city when I’m trying to figure it out! I honestly have no idea what to expect about any part of this adventure…and I think that’s what will make it such a great experience for personal growth and furthering my independence.

I’ll post an update once I’m in Australia & starting to get used to everything {aka the jet lag if that’s a thing for me} and maybe you’ll see a video of me running around with kangaroos & koalas. I’m super excited that I’m about to leave the snow and be in the heat…probably the biggest pro right now to being in Australia vs America.



Ashley xx



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