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There’s No Place Like Home(stay)

I’m a bit behind on blog posts, but last weekend was my homestay, a mandatory part of the IFSA-Butler program where you go and live with a family outside of Edinburgh for a weekend. My homestay took me to Penrith, England, a small town in the breathtakingly beautiful Lake District.

The next morning, we set off for a drive around to various castles in the area, all of which were beautiful. We were completely surrounded by gorgeous mountains and scenery, and even just driving around Cumbria was spectacular. We also drove to Keswick (the w is silent) and hiked around the lake.

Afterwards, we returned to Pam and Craig’s flat for tea with their neighbors and then went to the cinema to see Kingsman, a movie that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to see on my own, but that actually turned out to be quite entertaining.

Sunday morning we had breakfast and then Rhoni and I headed out for a walk through the town of Penrith before hopping on the bus back to Edinburgh.

I had definitely been nervous about the homestay, but I’m so glad that I went, and now see it as an invaluable part of the IFSA-Butler program. Though I haven’t really been homesick at all, there’s something really nice about home-cooked meals and staying with a family after weeks of student living. It took me to a region that I wouldn’t have gotten to see otherwise, and introduced me to amazing people that I most likely would never have encountered on my own.


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