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Accomodation at LSE: Bankside House

LSE has a dozen of student halls across London. Choosing which location to apply to deserve careful consideration, as it definitely has an impact on your experience in London. After a year in Bankside House, I’ve come up with the following pros and cons.


The good

  • Location:
    • Bankside is in a quite area on the Southbank not far from LSE (25 mins walk). I wanted to be reasonably close to where everything happens (to me that’d be SOHO and Covent Garden). In addition, being a regular runner I also wanted to have easy access the Thames. That narrows my options down to High Holborn, Northumberland and Bankside. Bankside is furthest away from entertainment central (30 mins walk) among the three, but it also means you do get relatively quite surroundings. The walk from the Southbank is pretty scenic and peaceful, compared to always being among a swarm of office workers in Holborn or constantly fighting off slow-walking tourists enroute to school if you live at Northumberland.
  • Proximity to borough market
    • Borough market, where do I start. It’s a great place to get fresh organic food and veggies, cheese, olive oil and bakery, as well as delicious food stands that sell amazing Pad Thai, hog roast and many others at a cheap price.
  • Student bar with cheap drink
    • In London, a cocktail usually cost at least 7 pounds a serving at bars and restaurants, more at clubs or lounges. At the student bar situated in the basement of Bankside house, you can get a pitcher of cocktail for 13 pounds only.
  • Bankside is catered, so you get 6 dinners and 1 brunch every week. While quality is another topic, it is pretty convenient.


The bad

  • Distance to LSE
    • Bankside is 25-minute walk from LSE. It could be a little inconvenient if you have classes early in the morning and then at night. And in winter walking alone the Thames can be quite tough. That said, I know I was pretty spoiled, coming from a college where everybody lives within 5 minutes to the classrooms. A nearer option for LSE would be High Holborn (5 minutes from LSE) or Northumberland (15 minutes).
  • The food
    • Bankside is catered, and the food is occasional great, mostly terrible.
  • Walls are pretty thin
    • I don’t know about other halls, but if you are a light sleeper and live in Bankside, it might be necessary to get used to ear plugs.

Overall, Bankside House would be a pretty good choice among options given to first year and General Course students at LSE.



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