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Steps to Becoming Australian

**This post was written on Feb. 12 but I’m just realizing that I forgot to press post when I was finished OOPS, so now you can read about my experience last week. I’ll be posting about my amazing weekend in the days to come**

I know that I’ve just posted a couple of days ago, but I feel that it’s only appropriate to make an update since a lot has happened in the past two days, and then the posts will start to become more spread out as I become busy with orientation & school. I’m lucky to be spending my first week in Australia staying with my perfect friend’s family who have lived in this country all of their lives. They have been more than helpful and incredibly kind to me as I begin to figure out my life here. I’ve really liked seeing how native Australians actually live and interact in everyday life & it’s really a lot of fun. So in the past 2 days I have basically become Australia’s newest citizen {I seriously wish though} because I am so in love with this beautiful place already.

On Wednesday afternoon I went to the Indooroopilly Shopping Center {equivalent to a mall in the states} to sort out some admin things to make life easier for me in Australia. After a bit of complication since they needed my passport for basically everything, I successfully opened up an Australian bank account (step 1) & bought an Australian phone plan (step 2) all with the help of my sweet friend Georgia. Then, we had a nice lunch at a cafe inside the shopping center & I got cultured in the grocery store {yes they have grocery stores inside their shopping centers but how cool is that?!?!}. We purchased lots of Australian snacks for me to try (step 3): Tim Tams, Lamingtons, TeeVee snacks, Cadbury…..all which I can say are FABULOUS & will be bringing back to the states when my semester here ends. Also…I’ve discovered that Milo {difficult to explain but a chocolate-like drink} is the greatest drink ever invented & I am already addicted.

On Wednesday night I got to meet some of Georgia’s friends and we went up to Mount Coot-tha because it was such a pretty evening! It’s basically a lookout where you can see all of Brisbane from 287 meters above sea level. It’s the highest peak in the city and it was amazing to be able to see everything lit up at night.

As of yesterday(Thursday) I can truly say that my jet lag is OFFICALLY OVER!! It ended up being much easier than expected to adjust to the time difference and I am feeling awesome about it & sleeping through the night like a normal person would! Plus, yesterday was the most exciting day yet because I was able to explore the city & where I’ll be living once I move into my apartment next week. ***I also have the train system figured out now so I think that definitely puts the icing on the cake for honorary Australian citizen status***

Yesterday I met up with my friend Jeff who I met in the states last year during Envision Global Forum & took the train into the city for lunch and sightseeing. We walked around Queen Street & had lunch {chicken quesadillas & guac} at this lovely mexican place that people refer to as GYG but I can’t actually remember its real name. The QUT campus {one of the universities in brisbane} is close to the city, so Jeff took me on a little tour and it is definitely much nicer than most universities I have ever been to in the states. We saw this very large lizard-like animal hanging out by the gardens so I had to document it with a video because I’ve never seen anything like it before. I just HAD to stop in a little souvenir shop to have a slight tourist moment in purchasing an Aussie flag for my bedroom wall hahaha.

Later, we walked over the bridge on the river to South Bank, the place I will be living for the semester. I fell in love with South Bank as soon as I saw it and I’m so excited that I get to live in that part of the city. There is a huge Ferris Wheel that I imagine can look over the city {I’ll letchuu guys know after I actually experience it}, a beautiful man made beach & swimming pools facing toward the Brisbane River with a great view of the city skyline, and amazing places to eat and drink! It is literally paradise and I may never want to come home(sorry dad). We stopped for ice cream at this dry ice place and it was the coolest thing every & also SO GOOD…I had mango & Jeff had a nutella chocolate flavor.

FUN FACT** I found something in Australia that isn’t 10 times more expensive than in America. We went to the cinema on South Bank to see a movie and it was only $5.50!!! I was surprised but it was LOVELY to not spend an arm & leg to watch a movie like it costs to eat in this place.

I’m overall grateful and happy that I’ve been able to explore and hangout with native Australians and people who have lived here for a bit of time. It is absolutely beautiful out today and I’m making the most of it for sure by soaking up the sun.






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