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Registration and arrival in Monteverde

Today we left the hotel with bags for Monteverde in hand and plans to register on the way.  We stopped at Universidad Nacional to do just that.  Once there we were greeted by a group of Amigos Ticos to help us through the process and to help recommend teachers and classes.  After, our group went to eat lunch and we were on the road again!  The trip was pretty long, however the scenery was beautiful.  There were many great views of the forest below as we cut through the mountains veering a little too close to the edge of the gravel roads for my taste.  We arrived after dark in Monteverde, somehow we had misplaced two hours and arrived very late to the institute.  When we arrived representatives from our host families were waiting along with some snacks.  We then had a charla about living with our host families in Monteverde and recieved a map of where everyone was staying and information about our families.   From my family one of the daughters (who is 7) and the father were there to great me.  When I went home with them I briefly met the other daughter (11) and the mother warmed me up some dinner.  I felt bad because we had arrived a whole two hours late and it was way past the girls’ bedtime.  The family, however, welcomed me just the same.

Well, stay tuned for more adventures!



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