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Last week of orientation, first week of classes?!

We returned from Monteverde to the hotel we had been staying at in Santo Domingo.  There we met our host families that we will be living with for the rest of the semester!  By the time we arrived I was quite tired, my host parents were very nice though they told me to go and get organized in my room and only to come down once I felt ready.  We had Sunday off to spend with our families before more orientation activities Monday and also official start of classes! My first week of classes went pretty well I believe.  Only having each class once a week is quite different than I am used to, however.

Another thing to add, it happened, I cried.  We were working on immigration materials in the IFSA office.  I still was not finished at 3:55 and had a class at 4:00.  I did not know how much I had left to do, if there were any more steps after the one I was working on, so I just broke down.  Luckily the part I was working on just required one more click and I could wait to do the rest later…  One of our amigos ticos (Esteban) walked me to class, seeing how frazzled I was. On Saturday we had all the rest of the charlas for orientation.  That day we also got to have a small popular dance class where we leaned some merengue, salsa, and bachata.  This part was my personal favorite!

Unfortunately no pictures this week :(

‘Til next time!



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