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To the beach!

It is after our second week of classes, and third week being in Costa Rica and still no beach… So a group of us on the trip decided to take matters into our own hands and plan a trip to the beach!  The beach we selected to go to is Jaco.  It is located on the Pacific side and is the closest beach to San Jose.  While this beach is not a favorite of Ticos, we decided it was a good place to start.  We left Heredia for San Jose at 9:00, took a taxi to the other bus stop and took the 10:00 bus for Jaco.  Looking back we wished we had left closer to 5 or 6 in the morning, the bus to San Jose took longer because we left at a time when traffic was really heavy.  Then the taxi took longer(which made it cost more) in between the paradas de autobuses for the same reason.  When we got there they still had tickets luckily as we arrived just a few minutes before the bus was set to leave, however one of the tickets was standing.  Another thing to know about buses is you buy a ticket for a certain seat, like on a plane.  This means if you get there earlier or reserve in advance you can choose your seat.

Once off the bus there was a bathroom (200 colones to use) and also a smoothie stand, I would highly suggest getting a smoothie for your walk to Jaco as they were fairly inexpensive (1000 colones/2 dollars) and very good!  From there we walked to the center of Jaco where our hostel was located.  Once there, we checked in to our hostel.  Since it was our first time doing anything like this we elected to go with a more expensive hostel, it is called the Buddha House boutique hostel and cost each of us about $30 for a private three-person and a private two-person room.  It was very nice as it had air conditioning, wifi in the rooms towels, soap, cable tv.  However there were many less expensive hostels we could have stayed at as well.

From there we went to the beach, which was beautiful.  The water was VERY warm, this surprised me because for some reason I thought since it was the Pacific and not the Caribbean it would be colder, but that is definitely not true!

After the beach we showered and got ready for dinner, then after we decided we wanted to explore a little bit.  We went to this gringo bar where there was live reggae music, it was fun just to sit there and talk and the reggae singer was really good at interacting with the audience as well.  The place was called Surf Dogs and they have live music and also free drinks for women on Fridays.

In the morning we checked out of our hostel and went to the beach one last time, then we went back home on the bus.  This time though in order to not take a taxi we got off the bus at the airport and from the airport right to Heredia.

Overall I would say it was a pretty successful first trip to the beach!

Until next time!



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