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Time to play in the water

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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Well as you can see in the photo, this past weekend was AMAZING, I’m still waiting on the Rangitata River Rafting photos from my SSC, but hey this weekend was sooo much fun Saturday I went Cave streaming and on Sunday I went Rafting down the Rangitata River.

On Saturday me and a few others from IFSA met up with this Christian club called “Revolution Uni” and drove out to cave stream. They gave us semi proper clothing so that we wouldn’t get cold in the water. We hiked down to the cave and went in. I brought my semi water proof phone(I have no idea why) and my non water proof camera with me. We went in and man was that water cold, it felt warm after a while. The water at max came to chest deep and I was holding my phone and camera in the air like an idiot. Anyway, we traveled through the water for about a half hour and reached a waterfall that our leader refused to continue pass, then we traveled back. Through that whole time I fell in once(not getting my camera or phone soaked) and scraped my knee and leg a bit. After all that we traveled back to Christchurch.

On Sunday the whole IFSA group went rafting down the Rangitata. We met at 845am to meet the shuttle down to the rafting company. Our SSC is a liar, she said the shuttle was supposed meet us at 9am, but when we met she said it was coming at 915 and she wanted all to meet early, cause she didn’t believe we could all be there on time. It was a 2 hour ride to the company in which they fed us sandwiches before the trip, then got us all into wetsuits. We traveled to the river. It is next to EDORAS!!!!, not exactly but just down one of the valley’s is where they filmed it. In minutes they taught us how to properly navigate a raft down a river and in 2.5hrs we traveled through multiple grade 2 and 3 rapids and a few grade 5’s. I had a blast(pics to come soon). they fed us a BBQ lunch after and drove us back to Christchurch. What a weekend. If most of the semester is going to be like this then I’m glad I choose to study abroad.

Next weekend

Saturday: rugby game

Sunday: idk yet


Hopefully one of these day’s, if I have the spare money, a 12000ft skydiving trip.


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