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Finding the Perfect Bath after Holifestival

Another great week here at American University of Sharjah! The highlight being experiencing Holifestival.

Holi was Friday, March 6th, you might have seen it on your Snapchat stories. Holi is the festival of color or festival of love celebrated within the religion of Hinduism. It is of course very popular in India, but has become an event celebrated across the world wherever Hinduism is being practiced. Holi celebrates the approach of the Full Moon, and signifies the victory of good over evil and the arrival of spring. This is a ritual that has been mentioned dating back to the 4th century. I celebrated by going to Holifestival at Wonderland in Dubai.

The group left for Holifestival around 2 in hopes of reaching the venue by 3, but our lack of knowledge on exactly where the venue was, we missed our transfer on the metro by 7 stops and didn’t make it to the venue until 4:30, leaving us an hour and half to celebrate. WE MADE THE MOST OF IT!

Walking into the venue, a theme park that had a large stage set up in square with live musical acts, Indian Djs and pop stars, I realized that I was one of the handful of white men here, and I really stood out. We found the paint for sale and bought bags full of color powder and the was soon being greeted by strangers by them putting color on our face and them saying, “Happy Holi!” By the time we made it to the stage we all had a good amount of color without even opening our own paint. During our hour and half we met new friends, danced, and got covered in color. View the pictures and the changing of my color throughout the day. Everyone there was very welcoming and greeted us with color many times and dancing with us! After the music had ended we grabbed some delicious Indian food. I had some Chole Bhatura and tea¬†and it was delicious!

We had some issue getting back on the metro as we were very colorful, and after cleaning up in the bathroom of the nearby hospital, we finally made it back after 3 hours and I got cleaned up the best I could.

Luckily, I was going to the hot springs in Al Ain on Saturday, and I finally got totally clean! Al Ain is in Abu Dhabi and has some beautiful scenery and hot springs. I had the ability to walk around and see some of the great scenery, view the photos, and get good, first hike in for my trip. More importantly, I was able to go to the hot springs and clean the remaining paint off of my body. The hot springs didn’t allow photos, but it can be described as a pool with very hot water. At one end of the pool is a fountain and periodically hotter water would flow from it. You are suppose to go to to the fountain and have it run over you, and I did and it felt amazing. I was at the spring for about an hour and it was very relaxing and cleansing. It was the perfect bath after Holifestival and the perfect start for the new week!


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