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The Past Month

Wow I really thought it was going to take at least a couple weeks to break my promise to myself to update once weekly, but here we are. I think it’s been about a month since I’ve posted, so let’s catch up!

I am still so in love with Buenos Aires – the energy of the city is ineffable. Also everyone stays up so late, I’m not sure when the locals sleep, actually.

I finished the intensive Spanish course, and I love my teacher, so I’m glad he’s teaching our grammar and literature course. I also just started my other classes; I’m taking Latin American Politics, Film Theory, and a Theatre seminar. I haven’t had Film Theory yet, but the other classes seem like they’ll be challenging and fun.

I’ve had a chance to get to know the city a little better since my last post; it’s so huge that I’m sure I won’t get to know all of it by the time I leave.

The program took us to a tango show which, although not what i expected, was amazing. It was just music with no dancing, but I’ve never seen so many people playing accordions in sync at once!

I loved the San Telmo market – it was also HUGE and a little overwhelming. ┬áThe day we went, we also went to the Museo del Arte Moderno and Cafe Tortoni. The next day we visited the Recoleta cemetery and I made friends with one of the residents :)

At Cafe Tortoni :)

s this how Beyonce does it

hat a lil cutie pie, am I right?

We (the program) also had the chance to go to an Estancia – which is kind of like a ranch. We got to ride horses! There was also a chance to go ziplining, which of course I took.

 named him Paco.

iplining! :)

The program also gave us a tango lesson, which I might pursue further – it was really fun, but pretty hard, too.


Also, there are several Japanese students in the program with the University, and they were kind enough to invite us to one of their houses for a traditional japanese dinner! It was amazing and so kind of them!!

lmost everyone in the University Program!

Last weekend IFSA took us on an excursion to Uruguay which was absolutely incredible. We started out with dinner in Colonia and we spent the night at Mario’s, our program director, house there. For the next two days, we got to relax on the beach with the people from the advanced program. It was really fun to get to know them, and it was so nice to get a chance to just relax.

he beautiful beach at Punta Del Este :)

After that, the advanced program went home, and the six of us went back to Mario’s house were we enjoyed a dinner of asado and relaxed by the pool. The next day we got to explore Colonia, and then we headed home.

fter Asado :)

anging out by the pool as the sun sets :)

he beautiful streets of Colonia, Uruguay :)

I think I’m all caught up with everything I’ve done now – I’ll try to blog more, I promise! :)


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