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Saying Goodbye to Mendoza

So this past week I have been slowing saying goodbye to Mendoza. My classes ended last Thursday, and yesterday I turned in my last project. For me, it also happens to be my last project ever of college because I can graduate when I get back.

This afternoon I am leaving for my Patagonia trip. I am going with another girl from the program, Joy. We are busing it to Buenos Aires, then boat to Uruguay, flight to Ushuaia, and traveling back up to Mendoza by land stopping in El Calafate, Rio Gallegos and Puerto Madryn. We are planning on going from Ushuaia to El Calafate through Chile in order to see Chilean Patagonia too. It should be an amazing time. The perfect way to celebrate the end of college!

In these last couple of weeks I have been doing all the things I couldn´t leave without doing, like seeing a football game.

A big group of us went all wearing our rip off Tumba jerseys. tumba

Brian, Joy, me, Julie, Stephanie, Gina

The game was a bit calmer than I expected because we didn´t see a great rivalry. Still, it was a lot of fun learning all of the chants and seeing the fans jumping and screaming. In the end, our team won 2 to 1.

I also finally went camping, that was an interesting experience. At least we saw the full moon over the dike and took some great pictures.

Last night we had our Cena de Despedida, or Goodbye dinner, and Thanksgiving. The food was delicious, the view was spectacular. We could see the entire city lit up. There was also a cute little talent show at then end where some of our friends played guitars and sang songs. Some made a video of skiing to get us all pumped up to go back to the cold and snow. I can´t believe that it´s Tanksgiving and Christmas time. It feels like the middle of summer here.

All in all, I´d say it was an awesome semester. I´m really thankful to have had the opportunity to experience Mendoza, and I am so excited for this trip we are heading off on today

Well, Julie and Gina just got here. We´re going for one last mate in the park. So, I´m signing off.

Besos to all,



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