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While learning about the different provincias in Costa Rica through each others’ presentations, there was a place that was intriguing to all of us.  This place is called Zarcero and is located in the province of Heredia.  Here there is a garden of bushes cut into different shapes.  So what we thought was that it was a park in part of Alajuela the city, not another city in Alajuela the province.

So, we left Heredia to Alajuela at about 10, got to Alajuela took our time, went shopping got Cosechas (alot cheaper in Alajuela than Heredia).  After awhile we were ready to go see the bushes.  We asked a police officer where the jardines de Zarcero were and he said very close but we need to take a bus. Ok, so we get to the bus and it costs a whole 1,500 colones (3 dollars), which is a lot for a bus.  We thought it was weird but payed for our tickets and got on anyways as it was about to leave only one of us got a seat, the rest were standing.  So at this point I casually ask someone on the bus how long the ride is to Zarcero and they reply about 2-2.5 hours.   Well, now I can officially say I have stood on a moving bus for over 2 hours…

It ended up being a fun day though, the bus dropped us off right at the gardens (a little smaller than we had imagined) we took pictures, ate some pizza, and headed home.

Attached are some pictures :)

 Well, pura vida as the Ticos say…



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