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Spring Break: Traveling and A Taste of English Family Life

Oxford operates on three term schedule, unlike the two term system in the states. There are two terms in the spring, and we have a SIX WEEK break in between them. That’s right, six weeks! Many students decide to go home over the break, but I decided to bring my family to me instead. The day after the term ended at Oxford, my sister, Sydney, who is a freshman at Sewanee, arrived. We spent a few days in Oxford and I showed her around– introducing her to my college, my favorite pubs, and my friends.

After that, we embarked upon a three day excursion to Amsterdam. It’s such a lovely city– so sustainable and cultured. The Van Gogh museum was particularly lovely. I also enjoyed spending time outside in the Vondelpark. Spring is here alas!

Sydney hopped on a plane back to the states, and I arrived in London where I will stay with a friend from Oxford– Jordy– for a week. His family is lovely. His father is a violinist and mother a graphic designer– the house is just overflowing with creative energy! And they have

We have done some great wondering around London. We went to the National Portrait Gallery and Royal Museum, stopping for a lovely lunch at Food for Though. We also visited the Camden Market and Fuller’s Brewery. I have attached some pictures here.

I have a few more days here in London, and then I will be headed off to Prague to visit a friend for about a week. After that, I’m off to Southern Spain, and eventually to Rome before returning to Oxford. My, there is so much to look forward to!



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