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Socializing and Such

Oxford provides you with a more than full social calendar! Much socializing takes place within your college (as there are many colleges within Oxford itself). My college, Mansfield, hosts ‘formal hall’ twice a week, which is a large, seated, three course meal in Mansfield’s glorious dining hall. Dress code is nice with academic gowns. The food is amazing too! We often get a group of friends together to go to formal.

Every second Friday, there is ‘formal formal,’ a fancier version of ‘formal’ (often called ‘normal formal’). This dinner is black tie and really fancy and fun. It is often followed by Mansfield’s go-to social event, Champagne and Chocolates. Also black tie, champagne and chocolates involves exactly what is sounds like.

Two other social functions are ‘bops’ and ‘balls’. Blops are themed parties often hosted by more than one college and tandem. They often involve wild costumes. Balls are the most formal event– with flowing champagne, live music, and floor-length gowns.

This term, Mansfield hosted a ‘blop,’ a hybrid ball/blop. The theme was ‘New Orleans Bayou,’ and it was absolutely wonderful. It featured great food from the New Orleans area (which was interesting for me, being from the Southern united states) and great jazz music. I have attached some photos from this.

While these fancy events are great, I spend much time socializing outside of these settings– hanging out with friends in parks (especially university parks) or going out to pubs. Simply stated, making friends here has not been too difficult, and there is much to do when you do make friends.


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