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Thinking about home

dscn1551 Well I guess its that time, I’ve been in New Zealand for about 1 1/2 months and i guess I am pretty well settled in, and now I should start telling you about it.

I am well traversed in navigating the city and going places i need to go. I can find classes without a problem. I go to the store like its second nature. It’s like I never left home(except some things are different), its just now New Zealand feels like home.

I Skype home to my family about once a week, when something amazing happens I usually message them on Facebook. it’s almost like what i did in Alaska, except i cant call my family on my phone.

I’ve been in random communication with those I know back in Alaska, we did a Facebook video during the second or third week that i was here in NZ.

I think that the most difficult part of this trip will be leaving, I’ve basically started making this place my home, I’ve made friends with people that I’m now realizing I’ll never see again after i Leave New Zealand. I don’t have homesickness now, but i think I’ll be sick when I leave.


There is one thing i do have to point out, HOW IN THE WORLD DID UAA GET THE TREE CAMPUS AWARD. THIS IS A TREE CAMPUS


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