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Los Juegos Caribe

Over the past couple of weeks has been the annual Juegos Caribe at the university. All the facultades at UH compete against one another in a mix of sports, sort of like the Olympic Games, but with fewer events. In each event, the top 3 individuals or teams would even receive bronze, silver, and gold looking medals. Even better, each participant gets a University of Havana shirt that is unique to your facultad. As study abroad students, we are registered in the facultad de Filosofía, Historia y Sociología, and our Cuban friends were really thankful for our help.

Personally, I competed in mostly running events, getting 2 silver medals in the 5k and the 4x400m relay. In addition, we had a bunch of people from our program and residence compete as well in a bunch of different sports like, soccer, swimming, basketball, and Judo. It was also really cool to see all the people coming from each facultad to come and support everyone in all the events. No matter what sport it was, each one pulled in a crowd to support your team. As I normally run for my university’s club cross country team, competing was something I really missed, and having the all the support of our friends from school made it even better.

As the games came to an end, points were tallied amongst all the events, ranking each facultad. Economía placed first once again, but some of my Cuban friends joke that their classes aren’t very difficult, so they have way more time to train for the games, but with everyone’s hard work, Filosofía, Historia y Sociología placed third. So if you plan on coming during the spring semester, definitely don’t forget your soccer cleats, track spikes, or goggles, because the facultad really appreciates the help of all the foreign students each year!


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