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A Tropical Escape

Over Semana Santa (Easter weekend), a group of us traveled 18 hours by bus to one of the Northernmost points of Argentina in order to visit Iguazu Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

This post will probably be mostly pictures because it’s hard to verbalize (is that the right word when I am only writing? Describe feels too vague.) how incredibly breathtaking the falls are.


We got on the bus around 6PM Thursday night, and although the buses here are nicer than anything I’ve encountered for long-distance bussing in the States, I found everything on the internet to be a little overhyped. The seats were comfy, and the people fed us decent meals (on par with airplane food), but it was still a little tough to get to sleep. I did, however read two books, so it was nice to have some time for reading.

We arrived at our hostel about 3 minutes after getting to the bus station – It was really close. We stayed at Mango Chill, and if you’re going to Iguazu, I highly recommend it. The beds were pretty comfy, the staff was so incredibly helpful (also bilingual), not to mention there were free drinks between 6:30-7. We decided to wait to go to the falls until the next day, and immediately hopped in the pool because it was so hot – somehow, this took my by surprise; why wasn’t I expecting a tropical/jungle climate to be humid and hot? The world may never know.


The next day we ate our hostel breakfast, grabbed some lunch for later, and headed to the park! We decided to take the Gran Aventura, which was a tour that took us on a jeep through the jungle and then on a boat down the river and into the falls. It was incredible!

We had to wait in line for a while, but we looked so cool in our life vests:


 Here are some photos from the boat:




(That one’s probably my favorite picture from the whole trip)

Next we looked at the upper circuit, which takes you above the falls looking down:


Then the lower circuit, which really lets you experience the vastness of the falls (which is something that really can’t be captured in pictures):



The last thing we did on Saturday was go to the largest waterfall at the park – Garganta del Diablo (which translates to Devil’s Throat):


The next day, half of us decided to go back to the park, and half of us stayed at the hostel. Those of us who chose to go back to the park did a 7km round-trip hike (that equals out to about 5 miles), and we got to swim under a waterfall (Just a baby one, it wasn’t like I was swimming under Garaganta del Diablo)!



After that, we made our way back to the hostel, packed up our things, and got on the bus back to Buenos Aires. It was a really nice weekend excursion into the tropics of Argentina. However, do know that none of my pictures or descriptions can do this place justice, and if you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it!


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