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Ostrich Burgers and Fairyland

‘Ello Govnas,

I recently realized that the focus of my blog has strayed from what I initially intended. When I decided to write a blog, I wanted to make it more than the average study abroad blog. I wanted it to be about more than just my travels and how much I missed my mommy. I wanted to write about cultural differences, interesting people, and global realizations (whatever those may be).

As I look back at my recent posts, I realize that they gravitate around the places I’ve visited and what I’ve done without much in-depth analysis. I promise that my next post will definitely break this pattern and be something fresh and new, but for now…back to my travels!!!

It’s going down like LONDON LONDON LONDON

I skipped down to London on Easter Weekend and took the city by storm with John Hyatt, a buddy from CMC, who generously let me crash at his place which happened to be a five minute walk from the London Eye. I emerged from Waterloo Station around 11:00PM on Thursday and immediately had my first London fantasy fulfilled – I look out to the street and see countless double decker red busses and black cabs, literally NO OTHER CARS. It was crazy and got me so pumped for other Londony stuff like tea and crumpets, whatever crumpets are.

On Friday, we decided to hit some of London’s top destinations and immediately headed to Trafalgar Square. We were approached by two individuals who attempted to convince us to go to some warehouse on Sunday night to “have an awesome time with great people”. We politely declined, not wanting to go to so some grimy warehouse party, but humorously realized as we walked away that we had probably just been invited to a church service. Then, we went to the British Museum and checked out the Rosetta Stone (which still didn’t reveal the secret to understanding Scottish people) and some other things that Britain had permanently borrowed (forcefully took) from other countries. The fact that most major British museums are free made our visit even sweeter. Big Ben and Buckingham Palace were cool, but I think slightly watered down in my eyes because I have seen  them so frequently in movies and such.

Saturday brought me to the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. John and I realized the Tower Bridge opened as we were standing in its center and sirens started blaring. My initial terror subsided as everyone else, who happened to be far more intelligent than John and I, calmly walked to either side of the bridge. We stood there baffled for about 10 seconds before we realized what was going on and then were forcefully ushered off of the bridge as it began to open. Then we swung by Borough Market and I decided to order an ostrich burger because was feeling extra daring as adrenaline lingered in my veins from the bridge incident.

We went to Hyde Park (London’s “Central Park”) on Easter Sunday to enjoy flowers, swans (who all happened to be owned by the Queen), and the atmosphere. Overall, I had a fantastic time in London but leave you with this one piece of advice: NEVER SQUAT BEFORE TRAVELING. I found myself hobbling throughout all of London and was met with lots of grumbles (they though I was a stumbling drunk) or people asking me if I was okay as I inched down crowded flights of stairs. The saddest moment occurred when a doorman denied me entry to a restaurant because he had seen me walk/hobble/crawl across the street and assumed I had had one too many. Luckily, I explained that I was suffering from soreness due to “leg day” and he mercifully gave one of those nods that said “been there” and allowed me to enter.

Isle of Skye aka Fairyland

Last weekend I visited Isle of Skye, an island off of Scotland’s northwestern coast that is filled with amazing sights and stories. Today, you’re gonna get the sights. Hopefully they will tell the stories because words do not do them justice. I fully intend to return to this phenomenal place.

And if you can tolerate seeing a lot of my face and hearing my voice:




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