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Me Vs. Fellow Study Abroad Students

How in the world did i even get here?

Now that is a hard and long question. According to a lot of people the average study abroad student is a white, female, from an elite college, majoring in arts/humanities, and has highly educated parents. I don’t think I could be any more opposite then this, and i realized it more during our 3 week break then anything. I’m a white male, from a state college, majoring in science, and neither of my parents or grandparents went to college.

Though from what I have noticed, everyone here mostly matches the common study abroad profile, more or less. Everyone, but me, goes to a private college. Some major in arts and humanities, or engineering. I am one of three males in the group. Their parents are highly educated with good jobs, eg. lawyers, doctors, nurses, engineers, ect…

But, I’m kind of happy that I am different, cause I stand out. In order for me to get here my mother too out large parent plus loans, i took out private loans, and saved up money from my jobs, i cant call home and ask mom or grandma for money they have less then me. What makes me stand out the most though is, everyone here is from the east coast, except me, I am from Alaska, and that seems to spark everyone’s interest. Though they like to hang out with each other more because some of them had known each other before i came here, and it doesn’t help that I am an extreme introvert.

This past break most of them went and traveled all of New Zealand in a camper van, while I stayed at the University and watched movies and explored Christchurch. Everything i did was on my own. I went skydiving, won a bungy jump, and thanks to my work back in AK, i was sent to Auckland for a trip to Hobbiton(this will be in a different post).

So i think I’m glad i made the struggle to make and find the money to come here to New Zealand.


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