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Spring Break!

With a week long recess, we all decided to all head our separate ways to each see different parts of the island. One of the professors that advises for study abroad students was so helpful that she found me a program route that a friend and I could see a bunch of cities in a short amount of time.

Stop 1: Santa Clara

Even though we didn’t spend much time here, Santa Clara was one of my favorite places. It is the city where you can see the huge monument dedicated to Che Guevara, which includes a really interesting memorial and museum dedicated to him and other that fought with him during the Revolution.

Stop 2: Cienfuegos

This was an incredible city sitting next to this really beautiful bay. We spent the afternoon eating at the Nautica club, and then walking around one of the main squares, La Plaza Martí. Since the city was founded by a Frenchman, the architecture there was unlike any other place that I’ve seen in Cuba.

Stop 3: Trinidad

As one of the oldest cities in Cuba, it is also the one of the best preserved to its original colonial state. The buildings are all super colorful, and the view from the top of the church in the center of the city lets you see absolutely everything.

Stop 4: Topes de Collantes

Our last stop took us up to the park in the mountains that surrounded Trinidad. This part of the trip included a hike through one of the trails that took us through one of the coffee plantations, an unbelievable waterfall, and then finally to a natural pool where we could all swim.

Although I only had a short period of time to spend in each city, this was a great trip to see so much of Cuba. However, as the end of the semester is approaching really quickly, we’re all going to be glued to our computers trying to finish up all of our final papers and exams. It’s crazy to think we have our down to our last couple weeks here, and I am nowhere close to being ready to leave.


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