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Trip to Auckland and Hobbiton

Well it was a fun 3 week break, but now school has to start again. So here are the highlights of my break.

Week 1

New flatmate from India, he seemed ok at first, then he started getting too close with me, now he gets on my nerves. I think I can deal with this. Wednesday, SKYDIVING, expensive but totally worth it. 20 minute flight (in the smallest plane I have ever been in, 5 people uncomfortably) then out the door we go at 12000ft. When you first go out, it feels like your falling down stairs, not having any control over whats happening, then you put your arms out and you are free falling. That last about 45 seconds then the parachute opens and everything slows down and is peaceful. The New Zealand country side is BEAUTIFUL. That was the biggest highlight until week 3.

Week 2

Was lazy and sat around watching movies and wandered Auckland for a couple days.

Walked the tram line that goes through the city center, saw a lot of the destruction caused by the earthquake. Went to the Earthquake museum and saw the pictures from the destruction and videos taken during the quake. The sad part was listening to the stories that were being told.

Week 3

Well here is what everyone wants to hear about, my trip to Auckland to tour Hobbiton.

I spent 5 days in Auckland.

Day 1

Basically a laid back day. I arrived in Auckland about 11am and got to the Backpackers about 1230pm. Walked around the immediate area and saw what kind of adventures I could have the next couple of days. One of the people in my room at the backpackers invited me to go to the bar with them. Because I was staying at a backpackers, the first drink was free, plus it was raffle night. They were raffling off crazy expensive prizes, AND I WON ONE!!!!! I won a bungee jump off the Auckland Bridge.

Day 2

Not a very boring day, I bout a ferry ticket to a volcano that last erupted 600 years ago. Hiked around there for a few hours went through a lava cave. Hiked to the summit and had a great time. I got back to Auckland at around 1pm. I then decided to use my free bungee jump. I have to say it was worse then skydiving. Skydiving was easy, but this, this I was scared to death of jumping off the edge. When I jumped, well the adrenaline hit and I had the time of my life.

Day 3

Early morning, met the tour bus at 640am. We traveled to the Waitomo Glowworm caves first. I wouldn’t say it was an amazing tour, but it was interesting. I think the best part about it was that I asked a couple question to the tour guide and she then asked if I was a geologist and of course I said “yes,” apparently I made her nervous after that. Whenever she would finish explaining something geology she would look at me to see if I had any correction or questions.

We then stopped at some farm to wait for a different tour bus to take us to hobbiton. The tour I have been waiting for. This place is in the middle of nowhere, seriously nothing but farm land for miles in any direction. OMG was this place amazing. It was smaller than I expected, most of the hobbit holes were life size. None of the hobbit holes were deep; they had just enough room to open the door then nothing. So when a character enters a hobbit hole they immediately walk from Matamata, New Zealand to Wellington, New Zealand. And sadly we were only able to take photos inside of one hobbit hole, and it wasn’t bag end. We went to the party tree and that tree is huge. I got a few photos. We then ended our tour at the green dragon, and I got to have a beer inside, they used it as an actual bar. I then slowly made my way back to Auckland.

Day 4

This was a slow day; I took a ferry to Devonport and toured the island. According to the tour guide the cheapest house you can buy in Devonport is $2.5million, and it’s not even a nice house. I’m not going to bore you with the rest of the details of the tour.

Day 5

I went back to Christchurch.

School started 2 days after I got back.


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