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La Vida Finca

This past weekend our group got the chance to travel up to a place in the mountains of Costa Rica called San Gerardo de Dota. We stayed in a cabin on a little farm (finca in Spanish) run by a native family. The farm is 100% sustainable, and they grow and make nearly everything they consume there. It was so cool to see their way of life, never letting anything go to waste. They even grow and roast their own coffee — which was the best I’ve ever had in my life! I made a little video to help share this incredible cultural experience — enjoy!



2 Responses to “La Vida Finca”

  1. NANNY Says:

    Kendal, This video is amazing! I absolutely love it. To see life in a different perspective is a definite reminder of how much we take for granted on God’s earth. The food she prepared looks delicious. These experiences will stay with you for a lifetime. So glad you did this video because we have no idea of all that you are seeing and doing.

    They seem to be so proud of their land, food, animals, etc. Can’t believe you actually milked a cow. WOW……

    Love you sweetheart, Have fun and enjoy the rest of your stay. Nanny

  2. angela Says:

    Oh my goodness!! THIS video is awesome! I love what you are learning. We are all so lazy and selfish!! I love you KiKi and I cannot WAIT to hear all about your trip! COME TO COUSIN CAMP. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Angelove

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