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Only one more week!

The time for the end of our program is approaching so fast, and it still doesn’t seem like we’ve been here long enough. With only a week left, the other students of the residence from different programs are leaving one by one. The dinner table that used to have over 30 has dwindled down to less than half of that. So it’s time to get in all the last minute traveling and plans to spend with everyone before we all return home.

While it is really nice to think about going home to see friends and family again, I’m still not all that ready to leave Cuba. There are some things that I won’t mind leaving behind like the air pollution, stray animals, or all the rice and beans. Although, it’s going to be extremely difficult to leave all the great friends that we’ve made here. With the trouble and of communication in this country, contacting each other is going to super tough. Hopefully, we’ll witness the bettering of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, and traveling here will be a much easier thing. After the entire semester of hearing from representatives from both countries, I’m very optimistic for the future and that I will return to Cuba someday.


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