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The Food of New Zealand Part 1

My long awaited blog post. I’ve been wanting to write about food since day one but have been holding off for as long as I could.

When one thinks of New Zealand, food is probably one of the last things that comes to mind. When asking kiwi’s what the dish of New Zealand is there really isn’t a definitive answer. They don’t necessarily have their own style of cuisine like the French, Germans, or Italians do. If I had to pick a dish that Kiwis do better, I would have to say meat pies. This and fish and chips are some of the most widespread, beloved items; but being from New England the fish and chips are never as good as what I get from home. I do have a fondness towards meat pies though. Whether its influenced by the tenderness of the meat and the flaky crust or my love of Sweeney Todd, I can never get enough of them.

With such a diverse population, Auckland has heaps upon heaps of different styles of restaurants. Unfortunately for me, my budget is limited but even still I somehow find myself consistently rewarding my study efforts with food. I am most consistently eating Japanese food, I just can’t seem to find a satisfactory Japanese restaurant at home so I’m making sure to take advantage of that. I have eaten more than my fair share of sushi and ramen; it’s affordable, fresh, and most importantly, delicious!

Next to sushi, I tend to splurge on pizza and the occasional hamburger. There is a spectrum of pizza, at the bottom is the $5 personal pizza places scattered around town. These will satisfy a craving but aren’t necessarily the most delicious pizza. For one, at least for the place I visit, they don’t put sauce on the pizza! Essentially it’s a round cheesy breadsticks. How you can call it pizza without sauce, I’m not sure, but even still I buy it; the appeal of crispy baked cheese for affordable prices will draw anyone in. At the top of the tier is Sal’s pizza. This pizza is the closest they have in New Zealand to the pizza that can be found in the States; cheesy, very big, and with sauce. Even though it’s not as good as our pizza, it’s resemblance to home helps to cure those small blights of home sickness, also so much cheese!

Much like my quest for authentic Mexican food, which I long gave up on, I have been trying to find a quality burger. I have been to the top ranked burger places in Auckland and still haven’t been satisfied. My search is for the following: Fresh buns, a nice array of toppings including bacon, a runny egg (not required), but mainly a juicy well seasoned, medium rare patty. Every place I’ve been to has nailed both the toppings and buns, but not the patty which Is most important for me, it’s what makes the burger. They either, overcooked it/ haven’t really seasoned it, or simply cook flat patties. It’s kinda sad but I do have high expectations seeing the amount of cattle that are around New Zealand.

I blame the travel channel and food network for my obsession with food. They’re too much of an inspiration, both raising my standards of expectation and always making me want to eat. Most people would say sightseeing and adventuring around are their main focus of travel, but for me, it’s the food.  Yelp and tripadvisor are my guidebook to all the best eats and I’m very gracious to them.

I can keep talking about food for ages but doing so has made me hungry….

Part 2 to follow shortly.

Time to scavenge through the cupboards.


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