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Heading Home

Well, my four months in Cuba has finally come to an end, and I couldn’t imagine having any other kind of study abroad experience. After so many excursions with IFSA around the island, and having the opportunity to do some many new things, Cuba was truly amazing. The culture, art, and society are like no other place in the world, and it’s so hard leaving it behind.

As we woke up the morning for a flight back to Miami, nothing seemed real, just a dream. Some of our Cuban friends came to spend our last hour before having to leave, exchanging contact info and memories from the entire semester. But saying goodbye as our van pulled away from our house was one of the hardest things ever. Yes, tears were shed. Though, we’ll return someday. Relations between our two countries are already improving, and it’s going to super interesting to see what is in store for the near future.

Although I’m going to extremely miss a lot of Cuba, I’m also really excited to return home to see family and friends. However, before all that lies 2 flights, layovers, and 12 hours of traveling in total. In the coming week, I hope to get another post out to try and describe being back in the United States, but until then, time to dread thinking about returning to the “cold” of PA.


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