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Madness in May

So I realised that I never actually did post this segment after I wrote it a few weeks back, but it did save to my laptop so better late than never right? (The following was written during the first week of May).

Everyone knows the saying April showers bring May flowers right? Well at Australian uni it goes a little like this….Mid-semester break in April brings assessment overload in May. That’s exactly where I stand right now and it’s quite the struggle. I’m currently in the process of writing two long essays and a qualitative research report while also trying to balance somewhat of a social life and time to refuel. I’ve had a few long 12 hour days on campus this week {the only time I’ve ever been thankful for strong Aussie coffee} but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter each day that goes by.

Highlights: Wednesday markets in the CBD of Brisbane are a good break in the school day of studies. Yesterday I had a bit of a catch up with a good friend at the markets with some yummy authentic spanish food of chicken and chorizo with rice and a frozen lemonade. I also buy most of my produce there because fresh fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than in the grocery store and are way less processed. The macaroon guy from the french pastry place knows to expect me every Wednesday afternoon for my order of 6 macaroons and always a free one that had been broken during the day.

Once 8 May hits I am finally home free for a few weeks until final assessments start to come out, but until then it’ll be exciting adventures to Surfer’s Paradise, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef & my 21st birthday in oz!



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