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What Am I Even Doing with My Life

So, let’s talk about what I’ve been doing for the last… little while…

San Isidro:

I went on a bike tour to San Isidro! It’s one of the northern suburbs of CABA (Ciudad Autonomo de Buenos Aires). It was super fun, but you know that saying “It’s like riding a bike”? Well, turns out that’s not exactly true. I hadn’t ridden a bike in a couple years; I climbed on thinking “oh well it’s like riding a bike”, and promptly hit a car. After I got my bearings, though, it was really great. We rode next to the waterfront of Rio de La Plata, and we stopped at an ecological reserve.


Me and our tour guide, Goyo, outside the ecological reserve


After that, we rode a little bit further, and stopped on the water to eat some empanadas for lunch, which is always alright with me. After that we went to the San Isidro, which I was just mesmerized by – it was absolutely gorgeous, and I would highly recommend it if you visit Buenos Aires.


Various Teatro visits:

I’ve also gotten the opportunities to go to two operas and one musical! The first opera we saw at Teatro Avenida, and it was lovely. I thought one of the supporting actors had a better voice than the lead, but I often feel like that if I’m being honest.

The next week, I got to go to the National Theatre of Argentina – Teatro Colon. The interior and exterior both are so gorgeous, and the quality of the show exceeded my already high expectations. It was truly incredible, and I know it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.

Last week, I went to a musical, which I was just super pumped about because, of course, I LOVE musicals. The one we saw was called “Forever Young”, and it was silly and wild and I didn’t totally understand what was going on the whole time, but I don’t think anyone else really did either. It was perfect.

The interesting thing was that both operas were in italian with Spanish subtitles, and the show at Teatro Colon had English subtitles as well, so those were much easier to understand than the musical, which was in Spanish sometimes, and sometimes the songs were in English, and it was weird to mostly understand what was going on while having your brain switch between both of the languages you know.

Things You Don’t Realize You’ll Need to Know:

I feel like everyone has goals for their language of choice when they study in a country that speaks a different language than their own. We know that we’ll learn to communicate with natives, and that we will be able to order food, give directions, and hopefully be able to talk about important issues in the language. There are some things, however, that you don’t realize you’ll need. Case in point:

After three and a half months in Argentina, and five months since my last one, I was in desperate need of a haircut. The thing is, curly hair is notoriously difficult to cut, and I always get nervous when I go to get my hair cut, even when I’m very fluent in the language. How do I say “I need more layers, and also I would like bangs that look like this?” well, thanks to google, my wonderful host mom, and an array of pictures,I felt Super Prepared when I went into the salon, and I was not disappointed! My hairdresser also said my Spanish was great, so that was a really nice confidence boost :)


Although a good picture of me, it’s pretty obvious my hair needs some help.


After! Thanks, Juan!


It was my Birthday a couple of weeks ago!!! I turned 21!! I had the most wonderful birthday in recent memory. I woke up and took full advantage of the empty apartment by having blasting music and dancing around the house. After class, I went out with some of the girls for cheesecake and coffee, and we laughed so much; it was just fabulous. I got home and Alicia, my darling Host Mom, had made a steak dinner that was delicious! She wished me a very happy birthday and told me that it was a very exciting birthday because now I could drink “con la puerta abierta” which translates to “with the door open,” which made my host sister and I laugh a lot. My host sister also got me a super yummy chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chip cake, and the three of us ate that and laughed so much; it was absolutely perfect.


Happy birthday to me!

Host Mom:

There’s nothing really new with my host mom; I just wanted you guys to see how cute we are.




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