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Last Hurrah in Panama


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Well friends, I’ve only got a bit over a week left in this beautiful little country I’ve called home for the last five months. I’m so so so sad to leave, but also kind of ready to go at the same time. This has been one of the best experiences of my life, but there are just some comforts of home that I don’t think I could go without for much longer. That doesn’t mean saying goodbye to all of the people I’ve gotten so close to and flying out next weekend isn’t going to be rough, because it will be! I can’t believe that just a few exams, two empty suitcases, and some tearful goodbyes stand between me and the USA.

Despite the overwhelming amount of final projects, papers, and exams that are inevitable with these last couple weeks of classes, some of the girls from my program and I wanted to make the most of our last little bit of time here, or “aprovecharnos” as the Ticos say, so last weekend we took a little trip to Panama! We took a six hour bus, crossed a rickety bridge on foot, hopped in a sketchy shuttle, and cruised in a little boat to get to the island chain of Bocas del Toro and, y’all, was it worth it. It was the most perfect little weekend getaway. Definitely one of my favorite trips of the semester.

Emma, Jaime, Meredith and I stayed in our very own adorable yellow cabin for four right ON the water. We had the most beautiful view of the bay right from our porch! On the morning of our first full day, a Panamanian captain came and picked us up right next to our cabin in his little boat to take us on a tour through the islands. First, we stopped in the middle of the water to watch for dolphins. We saw a bunch and they were not shy at all! They were going up and down and flipping their flippers and it was beautiful. Then we made our way to a tiny protected island called Isla Zapatilla. It was the most gorgeous beach I have ever been to. The sand was totally white and the water was totally blue and clear! We got to snorkel around at the tip of the island in a little reef. I saw some incredible fish and touched a sea anemone — it was sticky! After snorkeling, we walked around the island a little bit and ran into a sea turtle being released into the ocean. A SEA TURTLE! After that, our captain took us to an island FILLED with sloths and we saw about ten of them just chillin in the trees. Then we headed back to the cabin for a nice college student budget homemade dinner. WHAT A GREAT DAY.

We spent our second day relaxing on the nearby beach and exploring the little town of Bocas. At sunset, we kayaked around the little bay, which was amazing! The sky was so pretty and the water was like glass and it was so peaceful and it was just the best. The next day we got up at the crack of dawn and did the taxi, boat, shuttle, bridge, bus combo all over again. It was a long trip back, but I would do it again! I am so so glad that we got the chance to Panama before time to go home. It was so great to spend some quality time with my girls in such a GORGEOUS place. It was definitely an experience I will never forget!

Guess I better get back to my paper writing and studying… The next time I post I’ll probably be back in North Carolina! :'(

Until then, thanks for reading, pura vida! :)


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  1. NANNY Says:

    So Incredibly beautiful. How wonderful that you get to experience all of God’s wonder on His earth. I love you and cannot wait until we see you so soon. Praying these last few days are happy and fulfilling.

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