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Family Ties

A little over a month ago, I was so lucky because my parents were able to come and visit me. It was really cool to do a couple things I hadn’t done yet, but it was also neat to be able to see the city through fresh eyes again. It was also so nice to see some familiar faces; when I’m at school, I live about 45 minutes from my aunt and uncle, and an hour and a half from my mom, so I’ve never gone this long without seeing anyone in my family. Dad and Becki were a welcome treat!

The first day we were here, we sat at a bar for a few hours and caught up on all the family gossip I had missed. Then we went to dinner, but it was a pretty calm night; we were off to an early start the next morning.


Welcome to Buenos Aires, fam!

The next day they were here was an adventure to say the least. Dad and Becki are avid Harley riders, so when they saw there was a Harley dealer in BA, they were all over it. I looked up the location, and it looked like it wasn’t too far off the track from the train to Tigre, which was our ultimate destination. Unfortunately, google lied to me about which train stop was closest, and we ended up walking probably three miles before actually encountering the HD dealership, which unfortunately ended up being closed! We found our way to a closer train station (in the location that google gave me the name of the other train station for *eye roll*), and hopped on the train to Tigre. Once there, we got tickets for a paseo on the Delta. We had lunch and chatted while we waited for it to be time to do our boat ride. It was quite lovely and enjoyed by all. That night for dinner we went to one of my favorite standard Argentine restaurants, Cumana, for Locro (a bean and beef stew). After dinner my dad and I went to Temple Bar, which was close to their hotel, and had a pretty nice time.


The delta


Dad and I on the boat!

Their third day in Buenos Aires, I showed them around the city. We went to Plaza de Mayo, saw El Obelisco, Teatro Colon, and other sites in Microcentro. We stopped by Hard Rock Cafe for a quick bite to eat, and then we took a quick look around the cemetery.  After that, we headed off to a wine tasting in Palermo. It was quite a lovely night of conversation. We stopped by Burger Joint, and headed home.


 Becki and I on our rainy day in Microcentro!


Dad and I :)

On their final full day in BA, we met up with my Host Mom, Alicia. We ate cookies, and I played translator for them both. After that, I took them to San Telmo, of course. I don’t think any trip to BA is complete without at least one San Telmo Sunday. They loved it and were able to buy several gifts for people at home. It was a nice final day. After the market, they explored Recoleta for a while, and I went home for a much needed nap – they’d worn me out! We met back up for dinner; we went to a cute Italian place close to home.

On their last day in Buenos Aires, I had class. We met for breakfast and coffee, and we sat across the street from my school until it was time for me to go. It was a peaceful and pleasant morning. I’m told they explored Recoleta and went back to the cemetery, but who knows what they did without me!


The three of us on their last day


It was so wonderful to have my family come visit me in this city I’ve fallen in love with. :)


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