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The Beginning of the End

So I know it’s been quite a while since my last post, but it was a crazy few weeks with final exams. Classes ended June 6th and here at UQ {and I’m guessing in most of Australia}, uni students are given a study week to prepare for exams. The semester here really was so much different than a semester in the states, especially for exam period. It was hard to adjust to having an entire week off between classes and the beginning of finals becauseĀ all of the extra time led to procrastination. I had two take home essay finals and two finals scheduled during exam period. Also, the exam period here at UQ includes Saturday exams and is 2 full weeks long. It was a struggle to motivate myself to study and get everything finished especially since it’s been summer break in the states for a while.

I can FINALLY say that I have finished my academic semester in Australia at UQ and it flew by. I feel lucky to have gotten to attend classes on such a beautiful campus full of world renowned professors and awesome students from all over the world. My last day at UQ was a bittersweet one for sure. I had an extremely early Sports Psychology final and then found myself walking around campus instead of going straight home to South Bank. I was feeling relieved for getting my last exam off my shoulders and for finishing my 3rd year of college, but also sad that I wouldn’t ever be getting on the 66 bus again to go to campus. I don’t think it ever fully hit me how soon it would all be over until I was completely finished.

As I’m writing this, I have less than 4 days left in Australia and while I do get excited about going home to America I’m definitely going to miss this place. When you stay in one place for a good bit of time you tend to take a lot of the things for granted until it’s about time to close the chapter and move on somewhere else. I’m glad that I still have a few days left to really embrace Brisbane and appreciate the city that has given me so much in the past 4.5 months.

I spent today walking along the river and the parklands on South Bank because it is absolutely beautiful. Although it’s winter now in the southern hemisphere the sun was still shining. Brisbane is the perfect city in my opinion because it is river, CBD, mountains, beach, and bush all in one. I think I’d say that I’ve had a truly authentic Australian experience here and although many of the other cities I’ve travelled to here were stunning, Brissy has always felt like home since the moment I stepped off the plane on February 8th.

I’ve felt so many things this semester from frustrated to overwhelmed to content to comfortable, but now that it’s about to come to an end I feel as if I won’t return to the states with my full heart. It’s something so unexplainable but Brisbane has captured my heart, and I know that because of the leap of faith I took this past semester in dropping my life in the states to live in Australia I will never be the same again. This hasn’t just been a semester of academic progression as I had expected in the beginning. It has been a journey of personal growth and learning to have the courage that I can be my authentic self in any part of the world.

Whats next?? Well I’ll be packing the last 4.5 months of my life back into my suitcases in the coming days {most likely with a bit of struggling to get them closed} and catching a flight back to the states early Thursday morning. I’m not quite sure if I know what to expect readjusting to home or if I’m even ready to take that step yet, but the time has almost come to say goodbye to the best experience of my life. I’ll be compiling pictures and video clips from the second half of the semester into a video soon & will write to you one last time once I’m adjusting back to life stateside. It’s been fun sharing my adventure with you all this past semester!




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