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The Last Days in New Zealand

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Ernest Hemingway

Wow i just realized its been quite a long time since I last posted or looked at this blog. That’s what finals will do to a person I guess.

So whats been happening, well not much. Finals have been a killer, i was doing great in my classes until finals came and killed me. But, i should pass everything. Now that finals are over people have started packing up and heading home. Everyday friends are leaving and i am staying, but that will soon be over, my time here, in this beautiful country, is ending. I have a few days left and on Sunday i will be home. I still find it funny how i leave New Zealand at 3pm on Sunday and arrive home in California Sunday at noon. I will be home before I even leave.

With all this coming to an end I think why, why did i come here? Well i think i found the answer, i came here to experience something new, to do things i normally would never have done if I had not gone abroad. I guess those are my fun reasons for studying abroad, I do have professional, i want to have classes under my belt that employers wouldn’t normally see in a candidate, how many people have a background and Antarctica? Not many. How many people have studied in New Zealand, one of the best places to study geology? I have done things here in New Zealand that not many have. I came to Canterbury because it was in the middle of a recovery from a devastating earthquake. I have seen a population slowly recover from devastating geological event, even in the small amount of time that i have been here.

All i can say before i head home is that i have had a blast and it couldn’t have been any better, yes, there were many other things i wanted to do (go to Sydney) but my journey needs to end somewhere, but of course I will start another at some point.


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