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Semester Winding Down

Classes at UADY ended last week, and everyone’s final exams, projects, and papers seem to be winding down too.  After returning from IFSA’s group excursions during “anthropology week,” to Yaxunah and to San Cristobal, the semester seems to have just flown by.  Aside from classes, the second half of my semester here seems to have been split several ways, between volunteering with UNASSE (an organization that works to support reproductive rights and gender equality and works against domestic violence,) playing trombone with a local band that a classmate of mine invited me to play with, and acting in a short film for a friend’s communication class.

By now most of the IFSA Butler group is back in the US, or will be headed back to the states soon.  I will be spending the next week or so traveling to Belize where I will meet my parents and sister, spend a couple of days traveling, and then return to Merida to show my family around, and say a last few goodbyes.

I’m ready in some ways to be back home – I miss my friends and family very much, of course.  But it also feels as though a semester here is barely enough.  Aside from how difficult those looming goodbyes are likely to be, leaving’s going to be tough because I’ve just recently come to the point where I can get on a a bus (depending on the bus, of course) in Merida and have some level of certainty about where I’ll end up.  This happened just around the same time when it started to become relatively certain that I’d run into a familiar face on any given weekend night in el centro – and that I’ve managed to blend in enough so that the street vendors in town have stopped, for the most part,  trying to sell me hammocks every time I pass.  Naturally, I stop blending in the instant I open my mouth, but accents aside, Merida’s starting to feel like home in a way that I didn’t know any place could after only four months.

But Thursday evening I’m off to Chetumal on route to Belize! There are still a few places to explore before that time comes!


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