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Well I’m home now, 5 months early, but I’m “home”. My parents believed that i was going to be in New Zealand until November, which i was originally supposed to. I had registered for the calendar year abroad, but after talking with immigration and not being allowed to work 20hrs/week while studying i chose to shorten to one semester, I just didn’t inform my parents; the reaction…PRICELESS.Sorry, but i will not be uploading the video of it.

Being back home, its different, home hasn’t changed, but its not like New Zealand. In New Zealand i don’t remember looking at the news and seeing so much crime, judgement, hate. when you bought something for $10, it was $10 not like $10.30 or something. It wasn’t so crowded or ugly. So far I’ve seen California, I’ll be back home in Alaska on August 7th and see what its like up there. I don’t feel like i have had a hard time adjusting to life back here in the USA, but i could do with out the California desert heat. At the end of my study abroad i was feeling home sick, but now I’m feeling, missing New Zealand sick, i want to go back.

I got grades last night

A, B, B, C, not to shabby.


Well i think that’s it for me, i may go abroad for masters or PhD, but for now I’m going to finish studies in Alaska.

This is Aaron Rowbotham signing off.


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  1. Michelle Says:

    Hey you not only “passed” but did well! Congrats! That feeling of homesickness for New Zealand may never go away… but continue to adventure and seek new places to be homesick for. We’ve loved being part of it, Aaron!

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