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Departures, goodbyes, new beginnings

Hello! My name is Troy Sanders and I will be blogging from Valparaíso, Chile for the semester! I am currently a Junior at Davidson College majoring in Biology with a  minor in Hispanic Studies. I’m currently 20 years old, and from Enumclaw, Washington (about an hour outside of Seattle.)

After a few bitter goodbyes, I find myself sitting in the airport, trying to sorta figure out what all of this means. Moving to a different continent, exclusively speaking a different language, taking new classes, spending time with new people. When I was still figuring out my study abroad plans and future, I read through many of these blogs, so I hope that one day this blog can help others alleviate some confusion/anxiety and  make others excited. This entire experience can be looked at in many different ways, but throughout this blog I hope to address the questions that a student may have hoping to or going to study abroad, aspects of the first-generation college student experience abroad, and what it all means for the student and the world. Lofty goals.

As for now, I know that I have a host family with two dogs, and two cats. This almost has me as excited as going to Chile itself. Speaking of Chile, I am incredibly excited for the avocados, the ocean, and the many other great aspects. I just may have decided on going to Chile for the avocados though. Well, just after a few flights I’ll find myself in my new home for a while. I hope to update you all on how it goes soon!

Hasta luego.


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  1. Michelle Says:

    Troy, every student who has ever studied abroad had that very same “airport feeling.” Nobody said it would be easy, right? I hope your first few weeks are going well and that the avocados are everything you imagined! There will be frustrations and confusions these first few weeks, but remember that we’re here with you every step of the way. Can’t wait to see your adventures and revelations!

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