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Hello from California at midnight

Actually, it’s past midnight. I just finished packing a hopefully-not-overweight backpack and a definitely-overweight suitcase. Last time I checked they were 49 and 67 pounds, respectively – I took out a couple of t-shrits and an ugly dress, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers and also cross your fingers for me.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning and I don’t really have any feelings about it. I think I’m too nervous to be excited and too excited to be nervous, which is nice, actually, because I don’t have any particular expectations or anxieties at all. As in, I’m not thinking, say, what if I don’t get along with my host family or I’m sure my Don Quixote class will be really awesome. No hope; no dread. My thoughts are stuck in this moment with my fat suitcase and my blog and an unseasonal SoCal humidity.

What I have to look forward to: a 24 hour flight during which I’ll read Half of a Yellow Sun; orientation, a mystery, since I don’t know where it’s taking place or how long it is or what it involves (information available in the unreachable IFSA-Butler booklet at the foot of my bed); and meeting my host family. I’ll be staying with a retired nurse, her daughter, and her baby granddaughter.

She’s six months old and so cute. Her indigenous name, Sayén, means “woman with a big heart.”

Beyond that, I don’t have much to report! Will post soon.



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