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10 Days!


I’ve survived 10 days! And those days were exciting, confusing, overwhelming and tiring.

Within this first week and a half I have  learned about all the many places that one can visit in Argentina, as well as the number of safety precautions one must be aware of when out and about. And along with enjoying the sights of the city such as the Recoleta Cemetery and La Casa  Rosada, I have begun to slowly master the little things. I’ve ordered my first meal in spanish, used the subte (local subway) and the colectivo (bus),  gotten lost (and eventually found my way), ordered street food from a feria, and am learning how to speak castellano (kaws-te-shano); the local spanish dialect.

One aspect of this trip that I spoke about in my first post was my identity as a Black female abroad. I was curious about if what I had read and been warned about concerning Black females in Buenos Aires was true. I knew as a female I might experience getting cat-called, better known as piropos here; and I have. And I heard that as a Black woman I might have people stare at me and possibly call me negrita, not necessarily as an insult, but just because there is said to be a non-existent Black population here. What I have discovered is that, surprisingly no one has referred to me a negrita, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t come across people who do. I have also found that there is a Black presence, despite how small it may be. Whether immigrants, or Afro-Argentines, they work on the streets, in the stores, and in the hotels, I see them walking past me, and in the parks. I am hoping that one day I will be able to have a  few conversations to learn about some of the experiences of Blacks living in Buenos Aires.


Within the next few weeks I will be embarking on yet another adventure and starting classes. I am both ready to have a definite schedule as well as a bit nervous about managing to make my way to the various universities I’m taking classes at using el collective.

¡Hasta luego! #AriInArgi


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