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Is it Nap Time Yet?: Week 6

School is definitely catching up. I have officially entered the slump of the first month back to school. Classes seem to last an eternity. The walk to campus and then back home from campus feels more like Frodo’s trek into Mordor. And the few assignments I have seem like the most arduous tasks imaginable.

That being said, I still really enjoy my classes. It’s still early but we are beginning to delve deeper into topics I find really interesting. Like in Pharmacology we are discussing the types of drugs that interfere with autonomic nervous system functions on both macro- and micro scales. It’s really cool.

Research is also going well. A huge difference between research here and back home is the surprising amount of chill my P.I. and both of my supervisors have. They are extremely dedicated to their projects and the work that they are doing. But at the same time they aren’t constantly double checking everything. They aren’t on edge like my supervisors in the past have been. My schedule is mostly up to me. I come in when there is work to be done and when it is convenient for me to do the work that doesn’t have a strict time table. It is also nice that I am learning something every time I go in. It’s the perfect combo of challenging and  enjoyable.

In my anthropology class (titled Sex: Science and the Community) we were discussing whether or not reproduction was a human right. Most of the class took this in an IVF (In vitro fertilization) direction; discussing government subsidies and support for couples who couldn’t get pregnant due to infertility of either the husband or the wife. But a few of us looked at it from an LGBTQ+ scope. Is having children a right? They’re certainly is a lack of fairness, or equality for those who can versus can’t have children. A heterosexual, fertile couple can accidentally have a child. Same-sex couples and couples that are unable to have kids obviously can’t reproduce accidentally. But is it a fundamental human right? For me, I’m still on the fence. Rights constitute necessity in my mind. It is a human right to be free, read as not enslaved. I would never chose to go against this human right. However, I do chose not to reproduce. Is that me denying myself one of my basic human rights? Then again, in the case of infertility or being in a same-sex relationship, is denying them that sense of equality – or separating them further from what is considered “normal” – infringing on their rights as human beings? Like I said – I’m still mulling it over.

Which brings me to the rally. Turns out the LGBTQ+ rally isn’t until the 19th. So that is marked on my calendar. And I am eagerly awaiting it. I’m still trying to find someone, anyone, to go with me. We’ll see how that goes. I wonder if the barter of chocolate (possibly in the form of tim tams) would be acceptable…

Other than that they’re really isn’t much to talk about…



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