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Midterms in August?

It’s hard to believe four weeks of class have already flown by here at uni. This weekend will be filled with writing essays and studying for exams. The downtime has had me feeling a bit homesick for my friends and family, especially since I just missed my best friend’s birthday and my mom’s is next week. With the time difference it is difficult to stay in touch, but sometimes it makes me more sad to talk to them than if I didn’t. This will definitely be the longest I will have ever gone without being home. It’s not as though I’m a four hour drive from home like I am at Wake.

As a first generation student, I think being abroad has been the hardest for my mom, but she has been completely supportive of the transition. I know Thanksgiving and Christmas will be great when I return home. Other than midterms and homesickness, the semester is still going fantastically. I have trips to Fiji and Sydney booked for the mid-semester break, and I’ve been trying to get around Auckland as much as possible. Last weekend, I went to Devonport with a friend, and we hiked up to Mt. Victoria for some great views and had an amazing brunch.

I’m also trying to stay active on campus–last night I went to a discussion on the current issues in the prison system in Aotearoa. I’m shocked by how often New Zealand compares itself to the United States on current issues. It’s been enlightening to see the influence the US has on other Western nations from an alternative perspective, especially when it comes to popular culture. It’s incredible how I am listening to the same music and watching the same films as my friends from home, albeit a few months late.


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